By outsourcing your IT requirements to abbeyICT, you will benefit from the following services as well as the experience of our engineers.

Proactive Desktop & Server Management

Your servers and email systems are monitored 24×7, often we will know of a problem before any of the users do and we take the necessary actions to rectify the issue, as the event logs are actively monitored any early signs of trouble are handled in advance and prior to affecting the health of the server.Microsoft patch management & updates – we will ensure that all your servers and client machines are up to date with the latest security patches from Microsoft.Storage Space Monitoring – we actively monitor the hard drive space on your server to ensure that there is sufficient amount of space available for usage. Should a predetermined limit be reached, our support team will receive a notification, and will take the necessary actions to resolve it.Backup Monitoring – we monitor your backups daily to ensure they have completed without errors, if an error is detected we will correct the problem before the next scheduled backup.User Accounts & Security – we manage all the user accounts on your servers including all file and folder permissions, we work with your management team to ensure all user accounts and permissions are up to date, your network security is one of our top priorities.

On-site & Remote Support

As part of your maintenance agreement with us you are entitled to unlimited remote and on-site support, the vast majority of problems can be rectified using our remote access software, which saves time for the end user as they are not waiting for an engineer to turn up, if the problem needs an engineer depending on the urgency of the problem.

Email & Virus protection

When you outsource your IT to abbeyICT we will normally move your broadband and email to our preferred supplier, we have had a partnership with them for many years and find them very reliable and their technical support is very knowledgeable and based in this country.The virus and spam filtering they use are provided by Cisco and we have found it very reliable and very efficient, the amount of legitimate mail it has marked as spam we could count on one hand.