We have made the smart decision to partner with Hygienic IT – one of the UK’s best known and trusted providers of technology hardware cleaning services. We have a shared goal to protect the health of our customers and their employees in the most effective and environmentally responsible way possible. Hygienic IT’s solution has the further benefit of helping to keep your IT equipment in tip-top condition.

With over 10 years’ experience in contract cleaning, Hygienic IT specialises in the cleaning of bacterial contamination present on IT equipment and peripherals to hospital grade standards. They help to reduce the potential of pathogenic transmission responsible for workplace illnesses among employees and extend the working life of IT systems through the removal of accumulated dust.

As well as being a caring and considerate supplier and employer themselves, Hygienic IT offer a range of services that deliver peace of mind and promote staff well-being. Their innovative UV-C sanitisation solution has proved invaluable throughout the ongoing pandemic for the disinfection of workplace devices.