Genesis IT Rebrand

As you will all be aware, back in October Genesis merged with Abbey Telecom and by doing so, we brought two local companies together to deliver IT & Telecoms managed services.  Again, as mentioned in our emails last year, we believed by doing this and offering managed IT and Telecoms services under one umbrella it would provide additional value to our customers and deliver new and flexible commercial packages, something we are now starting to see.

As part of the integration we have already moved many of the back office functions such as invoicing across to Abbey and also started to use their Customer Ticketing and CRM solution helping to improve our service delivery.  To better reflect our combined IT and Telecoms portfolio we have decided to modify the company name to AbbeyICT (Information and Communication Technologies).  Our support number are unchanged as is the support team you have known over the years.  You can log support tickets via the current numbers and email address and soon via the web portal.

We will migrate fully to over the coming weeks and have activated the numbers etc now, details for your records below.

Support number: 01772 282585

Email a support request:

Web site: