Abbey prides itself on matching the appropriate technology solution based on need rather than the current trend. As a consequence, we have established key relationships with major system manufacturers and wholesale Hosted/Cloud providers to ensure we can deliver a tailor-made solution to our clients. Our portfolio allows us to deliver a cost effective solution from a few handsets requiring a basic telephony service through to large multi-site enterprises looking for a fully integrated Web based Unified Communications Platform. A brief summary of the main solution options is covered below;


Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Cloud System and Internet Phones are all phrases used to describe the same thing. These systems are provided by a supplier with a large system shared by many companies located remotely from your premises and connected via the internet using IP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Handsets within your premises plug into a data (PoE) switch and then a router linked to the “Hosted Providers” system via the internet. These services are, typically charged monthly based on the number of extension users required, the features activated and the calls made (if a free calls package is not included). These fees will remain fixed for the duration of the contract. Remote support for the main system is included however this does not usually include the onsite handsets, data switches or router required for the service, usually charged as an option. Upfront fees for Hosted are lower but will not reduce over the term.

On Premise

This is a dedicated piece of hardware (or software on a server) located on the customers site, either wall mounted for smaller systems or in a computer room as appropriate. The latest platforms are true VoIP systems with a full range of Unified Communications features, e.g. Video, Chat, Collaboration etc. In addition to offering VoIP connectivity they will connect to traditional Analogue and ISDN lines offering flexibility in the event of an internet failure. The system will be dedicated to an organisation typically offering greater flexibility when configuring and managing the solution. Unlike the Hosted solution upfront costs are higher, unless leased, to cover the hardware and software licence costs: However once paid the ongoing support costs are much lower.


Many of the “On Premise” providers also offer their solutions as software only options (software on a server) allowing an organisation to virtualise the telephone system and share servers using something like VMware or Hyper-V. These systems tend to be pure VoIP however some will offer gateways for connectivity to traditional ISDN services if required. This delivery method can offer the benefits derived from a Hosted or Cloud solution by locating the solution off site, rather than locally, plus the flexibility of delivering the dedicated features of an On-Premise solution.

To ensure we meet our customers’ needs we offer “Hosted/Cloud”, “On-premise” and “Virtualised” solutions. Many providers will focus on one delivery method and push that as the right solution for you. There are Pros and Cons for each solution and careful consideration should be made before selection. We would be happy to discuss your current and future needs, helping you select the most appropriate solution and delivery method.