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Backup Solutions

Does the mere mention of disaster recovery make you a bit nervous? If so, you’re not alone.

The thought of implementing an appropriate disaster recovery plan can be daunting; to the point which many simply put it off until later. Unfortunately ‘later’ often ends up being after the business has suffered a major loss from which it could not recover.

Genesis can implement an industry standard and proven backup and disaster recovery plan to take away the stress and worry managers and directors face in these situations. Through some basic steps, businesses can better protect themselves against data loss while working toward a more complete business continuity plan.

We understand that your business can’t afford to lose access to critical systems, data and communications during a disaster. Genesis can prepare a disaster recovery and continuity plan that can protect your company’s data and keep your systems available during a crisis.

Here are some simple statistics but they should give you some idea of the potential implications of not implementing a proper disaster recovery policy

40% of all SMBs will go out of business
if they cannot get to their data in the
first 24 hours after a crisis.

43% of companies never resume
business following a major fire.
Another 35% are out of business
within 3 years.

80% of companies have not developed
crisis management to provide IT coverage
to support business continuity.
“Small companies often spend more
time planning their company picnics
than for an event that could put them
out of business.”